E2E group’s philosophy emphasizes that as a company we remain on the cutting edge of technology. In order to achieve this aim, we diligently work and invest in new ventures. We as a company can bring a lot to new ventures offering mentorship, financial advice, online marketing expertise and above all technology enablement. Combined together we complete the picture for a new venture. New business is always a bumpy ride and we cherish every moment of success together with our venture partners. When things are not going as expected, we passionately contribute to return to the positive track.

Our Ventures


Careway is a 100% no-cure no-pay financial results company for Dutch health care organisations. The company proudly counts currently 20 large -mostly psychiatric hospitals – in her client portfolio. Very niche and a smart combination of domain expertise, in-depth health care policy knowledge, sophisticated software expertise and an evolving experience base with business intelligence and data analytics forming the skillset of Careway. Prime focus is to identify so called “hidden benefits” within the customers’ business and turn these into financial results. The result is a pretty nice amount of money on the bank accounts of the customers. Careway does not offer any classical consultancy on a time & materials basis. Since its incorpaoration in 2010 the company is doing fine and growing steadily. Careway only operates in The Netherlands. E2E is the technology partner of Careway from her start.

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Workmetrics is a 2017 founded startup with a great team consisting of young, very bright and experienced business people with diverse backgrounds. The focus of the company is completely on Workforce Analytics. Why? Because the Workforce represents 70%+ of the total operating cost of a company. Workmetrics believes that new levels of Grip and Fit are needed for securing sustainable business performance. Data-analytics is the angle through which Workmetrics delivers new Grip & Fit solutions to her customers. The team has the skillset to develop analytics upto the level of predictive and prescriptive models. Research shows that only 4% of the companies are currently using predictive analytics within their company. Workmetrics wants to help the 96%. Custom built workforce analytics projects, smart dashboards and Analytics Excellence is covered in the portfolio.

Workmetrics Example Dashboard

Carelinkz provides cost calculation and bench-marking services to hospitals.

Our automated system is based on a number of smart algorithms that calculate the cost determinant factors at a detailed level. We also provide maintenance services so that your cost calculations stay up-to-date and relevant over time.

Current ICT solutions for cost calculations are complicated to use and very time consuming for the hospital staff to implement. Often these systems deliver information on a level that is not detailed enough. Our solution provides the aggregate costs as well as detailed insights for the individual treatment path per patient.

Some hospitals solve the problem of cost calculations with ad-hoc solutions, but these have the disadvantages of being rarely up-to-date, not complete, hardly scalable, and always unsuitable for bench-marking.

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ExpoGenie is a simple, modern and affordable event software that saves planners time and delivers an enhanced experience for exhibitors. It eliminates dozens of wasted hours of “re-work” for event planners who are managing a trade show or expo.


Fashion Central started as an online fashion and lifestyle magazine with a strong focus on the Asian market. It has achieved unprecedented success, which has resulted in Fashion Central transforming itself into an online media house. It manages 23 online portals, 2 eCommerce sites and multiple social media accounts on each of the major social media platforms. The high light of success is the shift from online to brick and mortar stores. Fashion Central now operates 2 multi brand stores in addition to the online assets.

FashionCentral Lifestyle