e2e started in 2010 as a pure offshore software company designing and developing bespoke software. An international company from the start with a management team (also the founders) that have known each other since 2000, makes this a special company. Today we have our offices in Lahore, Rotterdam and San Francisco serving clients in many territories with our experienced team of 65 software engineers. e2e has 3 business lines: Software Projects, with a focus on hi-end data analytics, Venturing & Product Development and Remote Interim & Managed Development Teams. Being a socially conscious and an equal opportunity employer is what we find important. e2e has a proven track record of being a dependable partner for all segments, from startups all the way to corporates.


Jan Verkooijen

Jan is one of the founders of E2E Group of Companies. He has been working in and for IT companies for over 30 years. He has a large experience in startups as investor and as advisor. Jan always has a keen eye on the business relevance of the solutions we deliver to our customers.

Shoaeb Shams

Shoaeb is a serial entrepreneur and has multiple successful ventures under his belt. With education and experience in marketing and computer science he has the unique ability to look at the technology project and products from the client’s perspective. This allows him to offer valuable advice to early stage technology companies. He has extensive experience of working with multinational companies in USA and Europe.

Berry Tanis

Berry is one of the founders of E2E Group of Companies. He has a long history in IT and created an IT recruitment company in The Netherlands. He entered the offshore software business in 2000. Since then he has invested in a series of companies. Berry is co-founder of Careway that is powered by e2e Software.

Aqeel Ahmad

Aqeel is the CTO of E2E Group. He has over twenty years of experience of architecting scalable and secure modern software systems. He has delivered several successful solutions to our partners and customers. Aqeel brings about a creative technological perspective to our collective decision making.

E2E Group comprises of the following companies:

  • E2E Group B.V.
  • E2E Software B.V.
  • E2E Solution Providers (Pvt.) Limited.
  • E2E Development Center (Pvt.) Limited.