Our approach

When it comes to designing and building software, we take pride in our ability to achieve thoroughness and attention to detail. Software development and support constitutes majority of our business. We specialize in designing and building software using leading trends of technology. Typically our software development comprises of a hybrid approach by combining open source, commercial tools and frameworks. A lot of emphasis is put into streamlining and smartly prioritizing the ever-evolving software requirements. With our ability to carefully listen to, question and understand the requirements, the relationship with our partners and customers naturally evolves into a highly collaborative one. Our expertise fall in the area of big data analytics, enterprise software development, mobility and modernization of legacy software. Also we are fast adopting Edge Computing technology in our products.

Our Propositions

Big Data Systems

We can build big data pipelines that ingest data from disparate sources. These automated pipelines can harmonize, enrich and then consolidate the data into a data lake or data warehouse. We can build these on scalable cloud platforms like Azure or as standalone/on-prem systems.

Non-Intrusive BI Solutions

If you have existing database(s), we can build insightful and actionable BI dashboards on top of these. These non-intrusive systems do not require you to replace your existing IT investments. They rather work as add-ons to your current infrastructure and security compliance framework.

Lightweight Workflow Applications

3rd party workflow products often have a broad range of features and configuration options, however this makes them complicated to learn and use for SMBs, especially when they need a small fraction of the offered features. We can build lightweight bespoke workflow systems using open source technology that just do what you need for your organization.

Survey and Analytics

We can build lightweight questionnaire based survey systems that are designed for your specific data capturing needs. Coupled with interactive analytics to monitor the progress and actual survey outcomes, these are lean and mean applications that are easy to learn and use.

Data Monetization APIs

If you gather valuable data and want to monetize by selling an aggregated and anonymized version of this data through a subscription model, we can build Data delivery APIs on top of your existing data stores. These APIs can anonymize and aggregate the data for your subscribers. These can also monitor and throttle the usage by subscribers so that you can charge them on a pay-per-use basis.

Data Integration Systems

We can build API based bridges between your existing software systems and modern day cloud integration middlewares such as Zapier, Power Automate, Integromat, etc. This approach suddenly makes your systems compatible to be securely integrated with thousands of SaaS applications supported by these Middlewares.

Cloud Deployment/Migration

Modern day cloud offerings are vast and sometimes confusing. Creating the right configuration for optimum cost and security configuration is a key to the adoption/migration strategy. We can help you with Cloud adoption for your organization.