Our approach

When it comes to designing and building software, we take pride in our ability to achieve thoroughness and attention to detail. Software development and support constitutes majority of our business. We specialize in designing and building software using leading trends of technology. Typically our software development comprises of a hybrid approach by combining open source, commercial tools and frameworks. A lot of emphasis is put into streamlining and smartly prioritizing the ever-evolving software requirements. With our ability to carefully listen to, question and understand the requirements, the relationship with our partners and customers naturally evolves into a highly collaborative one. Our expertise fall in the area of big data analytics, enterprise software development, mobility and modernization of legacy software. Also we are fast adopting Edge Computing technology in our products.

Our Propositions

Bespoke Software Development

We offer tailor-made software development services through scrum based life-cycle. Specialising in multi-platform software and mobile app development. We architect, design and develop digital solutions for phones, tablets, TVs, kiosks & and other post-PC devices. We believe and keep investing in acquiring modern technology skillset. Our Engineers and Architects can guide you on the most efficient approach and tech stacks to use for your specific requirements.

Business Intelligence

Modern day systems are accumulating exponentially larger data volumes than in the recent past. It is a challenge to convert this to actionable insights to facilitate faster data-driven decision making. We build non-invasive, scalable and secure BI solutions to bring meaningful business insights at your finger tips.

Co-owned Software Products

If you have a convincing product idea but not the team to build a business out of it, we can help. We can cofound a business together with you and can put all our experience and effort on the table in order to make it a success. You can see some of our ventures here that are operating in the same approach.

Software with Finance

A quality software application can be pretty expensive to engineer. It can take some time before the revenues start building up for your business. From a financial and risk perspective it can be interesting to look for a bespoke software that has a financing facility built in. At E2E, we can offer this unique combination through our financed software development offering. Various modalities are possible: delayed payments, operational lease, software for equity or a creative mix of these, suited to your case.