What is e2e Boutique Incubator?

We offer business acceleration services to early stage companies and startups. Only entrepreneurs with an ambition of impact, convincing business models having a clear relationship with software technology are welcome in Boutique-i. We offer business coaching on a personal level, access to pretty impressive personal business networks, investment solutions and peer-to-peer communication with other Boutique members in an A-class office environment. If appropriate e2e can also contribute with software development services. Boutique-i is on invitation only.

Our Boutique Members

law_6-compressorMyHappyList (MHL) has a very simple but compelling mission: make people happier. Founder Robin van der Meulen has turned her idea into an MHL app that has been developed as MVP. The app has been tested and with positive results: the test group rated MHL with an NPS of 7.2. The MHL Corporate app is an effective, easy to use tool for HR- and engagement managers to magnify AND measure happiness at work and to provide valuable insights. Robin van der Meulen finished during summer 2016 her master International Management/CEMS at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Carelinkz provides cost calculation and bench-marking services to hospitals.

Our automated system is based on a number of smart algorithms that calculate the cost determinant factors at a detailed level. We also provide maintenance services so that your cost calculations stay up-to-date and relevant over time.

Current ICT solutions for cost calculations are complicated to use and very time consuming for the hospital staff to implement. Often these systems deliver information on a level that is not detailed enough. Our solution provides the aggregate costs as well as detailed insights for the individual treatment path per patient.

Some hospitals solve the problem of cost calculations with ad-hoc solutions, but these have the disadvantages of being rarely up-to-date, not complete, hardly scalable, and always unsuitable for bench-marking.

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LazyShepherd provides you with the insights of your online performance by simplifying and consolidating the analytics data and turn these into intuitive dashboard visualizations. Lazyshepherd is developed from the experience of managing 25 online properties. It offers all the information in a single, graphical, intuitive dashboard. Data from multiple sources (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is combined in a unified view.

LazyShepherd – Analytics Simplified


Having observed the astronomical appetite for HR analytics, Nando Steenhuis and Erik van Vulpen identified a need for a community where HR analytics experts and beginners can come together and share knowledge and (success) stories. Nando and Erik are the founders of the Analytics in HR (AIHR) platform. Erik has a double degree in psychology and business administration. Nando is an entrepeneur with a master’s degree from the Rotterdam School of Management.


Minutes is a fully automatic time accounting software for companies that run on billable hours. Founder Ivonne Cune-Noten has a background as a lawyer and faced the hassle of time accounting in her day to day professional life. Together with IT-specialist Tamas, she developed Minutes. The unique element of Minutes is that the algorithms capture the time spent on dossiers and turn this into billable hours reports. It saves you time as well as captures billable hours that would have slipped through the cracks.