What is e2e Boutique Incubator?

We offer business acceleration services to early stage companies and startups. Only entrepreneurs with an ambition of impact, convincing business models having a clear relationship with software technology are welcome in Boutique-i. We offer business coaching on a personal level, access to pretty impressive personal business networks, investment solutions and peer-to-peer communication with other Boutique members in an A-class office environment. If appropriate e2e can also contribute with software development services. Boutique-i is on invitation only.

Our Boutique Members

Carelinkz offers health care data analytics ranging from interactive dashboards to predictive analytics.

Analytics in HR is a fast growing and leading international platform in the domain of HR Analytics.

Simple to use trade show software for the busy event planner.

IBIS POWER is redesigning renewable energy


Minutes is a fully automatic time accounting software for companies that run on billable hours.

MyHappyList has the mission to make people more happy and uses technology to support this mission.