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E2E started in 2005 and formed a working co-operation with the Dutch partners. This partnership naturally evolved into setting up the E2E Group in 2010. We started as a pure offshore software company designing and developing bespoke software. A lot has happened since then. Also with our company that evolved into the space of Extreme Softwares ranging from software development, venturing and boutique styled incubation . With our offices in Rotterdam, San Francisco, and Lahore, we have the capability and reach to service customers in almost all parts of the world. Our products are servicing customers on a global scale. Our venture investments and boutique incubator allows us to stay at the cusp of technological innovation. We are a socially conscious and an equal opportunity employer.


Jan Verkooijen

Jan turned entrepreneur in 2000 after a career in sales, later on, stepping into sales management in software and finance. He has been helping companies get funded and is involved as co-founder in multiple businesses, like e2e software and the accelarator WorldStartupFactoy.  His focus is on finance and legal structures. Jan also holds advisory and advisory board positions.

Shoaeb Shams

Shoaeb is a serial entrepreneur and has multiple successful ventures under his belt. With education and experience in marketing and computer science he has the unique ability to look at the technology project and products from the client’s perspective. This allows him to offer valuable advice to early stage technology companies. He has extensive experience of working with multinational companies in USA and Europe.

Berry Tanis

Berry Tanis is an entrepreneur since 2003 and also invests in early stage companies. He is co-founder of companies like Careway, Workmetrics, Carelinkz and e2e Software. From 2014 being coach of Erasmus Centre for Entrepeneurhsip Berry regularly gets in contact with young people with great ideas. Currently together with a team he is working on creating the data analytics company Workmetrics.

Aqeel Ahmad

Aqeel is a technology strategist with over 17 years of experience in architecting and building large scale software. Starting his ICT career with ABN AMRO Bank, he has been contributing to defining the vision and ICT architecture for several companies and large enterprise softwares. He has also created and grown multiple engineering teams of diverse expertise and cultural backgrounds.

E2E Group comprises of the following companies:

  • E2E Group B.V.
  • E2E Software B.V.
  • E2E Solution Providers (Pvt.) Limited.
  • E2E Development Center (Pvt.) Limited.